We offer psychotherapy services to individuals, couples and families including children and youth.


TherapyIndividual work focuses on what “I” can change.

• I can work to own, accept, feel and manage my own feelings

• I can own, explore and choose my own decision and actions.

• I can learn to work with my own thinking, my own mind.

• I can recognize and own my relationship patterns and learn to modify them.

• I can learn to befriend the many aspects of myself without being ‘run’ by any of them. This offers me choice in my reactions to life’s challenges.

In individual work, change occurs in the context of a therapeutic relationship in which I can become more truly myself.


Couple work focuses on the dynamic relationship between two people. It explores the existing patterns of interaction and the meaning these have for each person.

Couple work occurs when both parties understand that they have a responsibility to create and maintain the relationship. Each is helped to develop an understanding of what works and what does not work in the relationship. Each is helped to find ways to relate to each other and to build their partnership.

It has been said that there are at least two sets of parents at the side of the marital bed, one on each side. The influence of families of origin on a couple relationship is great. Couple work often explores the boundaries of a couple’s relationship and the influences on it.


The family is a complex system that has its own rules and roles. These are often unconsciously learned and maintained. Family work allows the family to look at the system and consciously choose to adjust how it operates so that it can benefit and allow for the growth of all of its members.

Children and Teens

Teen's imageIn an environment of safety, acceptance and creativity, children and teens are supported to express feelings, make sense of their experiences and strengthen self-esteem and resiliency.


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