1. What does “Pastoral Counselling” mean?
Pastoral Counselling means that, as psychotherapists, we recognize people as spiritual, meaning-making beings and we are aware of this dimension in their lives.

2. Does this mean that only Anglicans, or Christians, are welcome at the Ottawa Pastoral Counselling Centre?
No, it doesn’t mean this at all. We honor the spiritual nature of every person whether they are religious, spiritual, agnostic or atheist.

3. Will you talk to me about God during our sessions?
If this is a meaningful part of your life, we will do this.

4. Who are the counsellors at the Ottawa Pastoral Counselling Centre?
Our Psychotherapists are:
Sharon York, MA, RP, CCC, Executive Director and Psychotherapist
Alexa Delroy, MA, RP, Clinical Member OSP, Psychotherapist
Judith Brooks, MA, RP, CCC, Psychotherapist
Marijan Grobbink, MA, RP, RCAT, Psychotherapist and Art Therapist

5. Is the Ottawa Pastoral Counselling Centre accessible to persons with disabilities?
We are located in the Bronson Centre and our offices are accessible by elevator.

6. Are you near bus routes?
There are major bus routes on Bronson Avenue which pass by the Bronson Centre, and we are just north of Somerset Street and just south of the Transitway (Bay Station).
Click here from Bronson Centre info
Or click here for OC Transpo

7. Will I have to “open up” in therapy?
In therapy, you will never have to do or say anything you do not want to. However, for your work to be effective, open communication is helpful. This may mean saying, “I’m afraid to talk about . . .”

8. How long will I need to come to therapy?
The length of time or number of sessions will depend on the issues that you bring. Some issues may be resolved fairly quickly, while others may take longer.

9. Who will know I’m coming to the Ottawa Pastoral Counselling Centre?
Only those you want to know. The team of the OPC is bound by specific legal and ethical constraints to keep confidential anything related to your attendance at the Centre. There are specific times when confidentiality cannot be maintained. We will discuss this with you when you come for your first session.

10. Are you GLBTQ friendly?
Yes we are.


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